Building Personal Market Value

Your resume is the single most important tool you'll use to showcase your skills and experience to prospective employers. A 10-second glance will make or break your chances for an interview, so building personal market value is key when writing a resume.

The best way to build personal market value is to focus on developing Accomplishment Statements. What are they? The heart of your resume, accomplishment statements describe what you did and what successes you achieved. Learn more.

Why Get Help with Writing Your Resume?

A well crafted resume is essential for your success, especially in today's competitive job market. Plan B Initiatives offers access to 20 years experience in recruiting, career counseling, and training with a certified career coach. 

Choose a resume writing package based on your experience level:


Entry Level Professional Level Executive Level
To demonstrate your potential to employers at the start of your career, Plan B will assess your objectives and emphasize your qualifications based on education, internships, volunteer work and other accomplishments. Your competition at a professional level in your career can be tough. Plan B will identify your key skills and experience that demonstrate your leadership ability, character and accomplishments to position you in the best manner possible to employers. You need to convince employers that you stand out from the rest for an executive position. Plan B will emphasize key leadership skills and attributes from your experience, such as forward-thinking, problem-solving and team focus.
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Five Common Resume Mistakes

There are consequences of poorly written resumes. Unfortunately, many people don't seek help from a professional career coach until they experience the frustration of a long and unsuccessful job search.

Lack of Focus

Not Interesting

Poor Structure

No Accomplishments

Grammatical Errors

Don't make these mistakes! Hire a certified career coach to write a high-quality resume.

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